Spotlight on Local Business! - War Dogs!


I am not normally a pack rat. I believe in eliminating waste and items in your home and in your life that no longer have a purpose, hold you back or weigh you down. However, for the past eight years, I have had two footlockers and a large plastic bin full of old Army gear. Being that I certainly didn't want to disrespect their memory by tossing them in the bin before trash day on Wednesday, I decided to look around and see if there was a way I could get rid of them in a way I felt comfortable in doing. Lo and behold I contacted War Dogs here in Southern Pines (which is just down the street from my own home) where I met the owner / operator Pete. Pete was great and took virtually all my gear off my hands - with the exception of my old Kevlar and body armor. Those are considered sensitive items and I was told he could possibly get in trouble by taking them (who knew?). 

Not only did I get rid of my much loved Army gear, it went to a good home and I even came out of it with $60! Score! There was a gorgeous old school footlocker from WWII at the front of the store - if I had a larger home and a space for it, I would have swooped it up in a heartbeat. 

If you're in the neighborhood and have some much loved and gently used (or never used) items you wish to part with - or procure, I highly recommend War Dogs and chatting it up with Pete who I will hopefully be working with soon! Double score!